‘Carolien has written such a to the point, beautiful, loving and true book! It’s a smooth read and all tips and tools can be easily applied in day-to-day practice. Doing What You Love is still resonating within me.’

– Mayana – Teacher of the heart, author and singer

‘This book is for anyone who wants to learn about quirky thoughts and feelings and how these may be sabotaging them. Carolien lovingly teaches you how you can transform any saboteur and even benefit from it. I read it straight through.’

– Connie van Dam – Yoga therapist and body worker

Doing What You Love has touched my heart. It’s so spot on! I now follow my joy, I trust myself and I have found myself a place where I can create. Blissful! Living a meaningful life is easier than you think.’

– Renate

Doing What You Love

Discover Your Unique Contribution and Change the World


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What if you would just know what it is that you want to do in life? How you can be of value and contribute to the world in a positive way? In Doing What You Love, transformation coach Carolien van den Akker shows you what it takes to seize all the opportunities already available for you. No more excuses like ‘but I don’t have the right degree’ or ‘how am I ever going to make a living out of this’. Welcome intuition, healing and joy.


This may be counterintuitive to you, but if you want to learn about your unique contribution, your brain is not your go-to advisor. What no one has likely ever told you is that it’s your body that whispers in your ear which way to go. In Doing What You Love, Carolien van den Akker shows you how you can learn to read the language of your body. As a result, you will be able to easily make any decision—including important ones about where to go in life.


Living a meaningful life is not a quest but a decision. Carolien van den Akker helps you make that decision.

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Carolien van den Akker is a transformation coach who helps talented professionals find satisfaction in their work. She connects them with their inner compass. Peace of mind, clear choices and a sense of direction are the results.


“I believe every person has their own path. A path that — if followed — leads to happiness and joy. The great thing is: nobody needs to miss out on their destination. Because at any given moment, you can decide to follow your own path again.”


Carolien has an MA in Public Administration and Art History from Leiden University and studied Museum Studies at George Washington University. She is a trained coach from the School of Coaching and a certified Focusing Trainer from the Focusing Institute in New York.

Doing What You Love. Discover Your Unique Contribution and Change the World


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